Smart Cards Encoding and Numbering

Smart Cards Encoding and Numbering

With millions and millions of smart cards are being added in circulation annually, it would be no longer possible to guarantee the uniqueness of Smart Card UID or Smart Card Default Chip Number, and that would post a big dilemma to systems-integrator and customers alike.

The Smart Cards Chips Number are being read out by the reader to process transactions such as to grant or deny access to a campus or facility, to pay for purchases, to verify identifications, to reward customers, and many other application, regardless of application it is a must to maintain the uniqueness of smart card number to achieve the most important goal; Security.

By encoding your own desired number and encrypting your smart cards and readers will guarantee you of unique smart card number and would render all other smart cards that are not encrypted un-useable in your systems.

Competitive Card Solutions can offer you suggestions and encoding services to maintain the security of your smart card systems. We can also provide you with hardware and program to do the encoding and encryption your selves, and the good news is, it can be done with out even modifying your existing software.

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