Guide to ID Card Implementation

Every organization big or small need to implement an ID Card Program to manage and to secure employees. This piece of plastic allows company to control un-authorized access to their premises providing a safer working environment for everyone, it could be use for time keeping as well to instill discipline on tardiness and absences. It is also a good medium to help organizations on their marketing program like brand awareness and company introductions.

ID Card Program implementation, may look like an easy job, however we observed that large number of organizations who availed an ID card printer do not have an ID cards within 6 months from procurement of ID card printer or sometimes even longer that eventually led to not implementing ID card program at all.

This would result to double losses on the part of organization because it did not achieve its purpose at the same time the money spent on the ID card production systems that sit idle in the office.

We have talked to companies who failed to implement their ID card program despite of already having an ID card printers to find out what went wrong that eventually led to failure on implementation.

Here are some of the reasons;

    • There is no strict policy on the HR or Admin to implement of "No ID no Entry".
    • They have printed their card but are not wearing it yet because they have no ID Card Holders and Lanyards or Clips to use.
    • The management had some more urgent priorities to focus that keep their ID program on hold.
    • The management just did not appreciate the full benefits of having and ID card program in place.
    • The card printer system encountered technical issues and no support to contact to fix the issues.
    • They have no ID card Designs and don't know how to make one for their organization.
    • The previous in charge person has left the company and nobody knows how to operate the ID Card machine anymore.
    • Employees photos and signatures have not been fully collected.

    Those problem mentioned above can actually easily be avoided with proper planning and strict implementation of policies. Choosing the right ID Card Systems provider will also help a lot to a successful ID Card Program.

    Before things could get more overwhelming, we want to let you know that our ID Experts are here to guide you to a successful ID Card program Implementation. We offer free consultation and customize assessment on how to start your ID card program.

    Drop us a message and will contact you!