Buying ID Printer FAQs

These questions are commonly asked by the customers before deciding to buy a card printer.
Please read them carefully.

1.) What are the included in the bundle?

A card printer bundle usually comes with the following,
  • Card Printer
  • Ribbon
  • Blank PVC Card
  • Card production Software
  • Training
  • ID Card Template Designing.

2.) What is the purpose of Card Production Software?

Card production software is used to design your ID Card, Capture Card Holder Information, Store Data, and print your ID Card. This software is dedicated for production of card so it is not replaceable by other software, for example Photoshop or other design Software.

3.) How many cards can I print with a roll of ribbon?

It will depend on the capacity and the type of the ribbon, there are 100, 200, 250, 300 and 1000 shots ribbon, Type of the ribbons are YMCKO, YMCKOK, K, YMC etc.

Examples of capacity;

300 Shots YMCKO Ribbon - (Most Commonly used Ribbon)

  • 300 Cards - Colored front, Blank back.
  • 300 Cards - Colored front, Black back (Using Tipid Feature).
  • 150 Cards - Colored front, Black back (Standard).
  • 150 Cards - Colored front, Colored back.

4.) What is the type and size of card that the card printer accepts?

Only PVC plastic cards are accepted or compatible with the Thermal ID Card printer, it can not print on the paper card.

The acceptable size is 85 x 54mm, and the thickness is 0.5mm to 0.9MM. It does not accept bigger sizes or small sizes aside from 85 x 54mm, which is an ISO Standard Credit/ATM Card Size.

5.) Where should I buy additional Ribbon and Card when I used up my supplies?

If you avail your ID card printer from us, you can only avail your supplies from us, we offer full range of card printer consumables for all the card printers we distribute, rest assured that they are Genuine and imported only from the card printer manufacturer. We also maintain high level inventories of our card printer supplies to support the demand of our customers and partners.

6.) Are you an authorize Distributor of Magicard and DNP in the Philippines?

Yes, we can submit the certification upon request. You may also visit to manufacturer website to check if our company is listed as authorized partner in the Philippines.

7.) Is the ID card produced by ID Card printer waterproof?

Yes, water does not damage or smudge the image on the card, however it is not alcohol or other chemical proof. When your ID card is prone to exposure to chemicals we suggest you wear them with an appropriate ID Card Holder, see some example here.

8.) How long will it dry after printing of ID Card before we can use?

ID Card printer uses ribbon technology, it uses heat to defuse images on the PVC Card, therefore it is already dry even before it comes out from the printer, hence you can use it immediately.

9.) How long is the warranty of the card printer?

Card printer usually comes with Standard 2 Years warranty, however some may be earlier or later than 2 years depending on the customer requirement and request.

10.) Fading - does the card produced by Thermal ID Printer Fades?

Fading of ID card is usually caused by the ID card holder/Jacket, when you use a Silicon or plastic type of holder/jacket that sticks your ID card on it, chances are that when stored longer inside, it will leave its image in the holder/jacket, and the image on the card itself fades.

It is true to all brand of Thermal ID Card Printer, Except those printed by Retransfer printer with Lamination on top.

To avoid this, please do not use those ID Card holder, instead use hard plastic card holder or Anti-print transfer card holder, please lick here for example.

11.) What will I do when my card printer encounter problem?

Self Service Support - You can self service your card printer by visiting our technical support website at, you can find solution for common problems and issues there.

Technical Support by CCS - 8:30 to 5:30, Monday to Friday. - visit our website and chat with us live. - send us an e-mail we will come back to you asap. - chat with us through our FB page.
(02) 8-952-7155 | (02) 8-283-1971 - call our customer service at these numbers.

95% of the support request are resolved through remote support, however in case we need to see your card printer, you need to send your printer to our office for further checking.

When you card printer is still covered by warranty we will shoulder the shipping expenses back and forth to you, on top of the services and spare parts to be replace if there is any.

When it is not covered by warranty, you need to pay for the shipping to us and back to you, including the cost of technical services and/or spare parts if any.

Please make sure you pack them using the original packaging when sending through courier to avoid damage.