Visual Security Features | ID Card Printer

Visual Security Features | ID Card Printer

You can measure the effectiveness of your ID cards and badges is only as good as the security features you incorporate on them. To increase the safety and security of your cards it can protect against unauthorized use, tampering and counterfeiting. 

Visual security for ID cards makes it easy to spot fakes, imitation and fraud.



HoloKote® watermark technology that prints a hologram-like mark on the card during the normal print cycle using standard consumables (ribbons and cards). 

Standard HoloKote® - With all Magicard direct-to-card printers, you can select from four standard  secure HoloKote® designs using the printer driver. 

Custom HoloKote® / Custom HoloKote® Flex – With selected Magicard direct-to-card printers, you can personalize HoloKote watermark into the standard print process. This watermark could be an organization’s logo, or some other unique security design. 





Microtext is extremely tiny text that is printed onto the card somewhere, and it is hard to replicate if people don’t know to look for it. 







Ultraviolet (UV) or fluorescent printing adds yet another unique security element to an ID card. Images created with UV ink are invisible to the naked eye but come to life when viewed under ultraviolet light. 





Each of the feature above are valuable elements of visual security in ID cards worthy of consideration. 

If you need more information on – or desire assistance with – creating the right level of security for your organization’s ID cards and badges, contact one of our ID Experts. We’ll make it easy for you! 

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