Featured Project, February 2018 - Thermal Receipt Printer VS Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

Featured Project, February 2018 - Thermal Receipt Printer VS Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

Nowadays receipt printers have turned into an extensively demanding POS hardware. Receipt printers are more than just handy items to have around your shop they are also important items. These printers give a speed up factor and offer you the ability to keep receipts for yourself or to give out receipts to customers, both of which are important to all business.

With various components and advantages, there are immeasurable alternatives or models in the market. But today’s businesses use two main types of receipt printers: thermal or dot matrix printers. Both have a place in the world of evolving POS technology and it’s up to you to decide which is right for your business.

More and more retailers seem to be moving toward thermal printers, which are fast, reliable and better able to meet the requirements of certain POS systems. Thermal printers are quieter than dot matrix models and are capable of producing enhanced graphics — a big plus in our image-driven world. But that's not to say there is no place for dot matrix printers, which still perform well enough to suit many retailers and have specific notable advantages.

One of our clients – Star City, purchased dot matrix printer (XP-76IINC) from us. Considering their business requirements with the help of our CCS Sales and Technical team we able to find the right printer for them.

Dot matrix printers are the slightest costly choice, are extremely solid, and include negligible working costs (replacing paper and ribbons). These printers have an internal pressure mechanism that results in harder impressions. What does that mean? You don’t have to worry about the second receipt copy coming out blurred or indecipherable. Dot matrix printers use ink to print, and ink actually smudges less often than etched receipts.


As with any other type of POS system hardware, there are pros and cons to both styles. Your POS system’s particular needs, your budget and the nature of your retail small business may determine which type of printer is right for you.

Start searching from our receipt printers and let us help you find one that will work best for your business!

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