Featured Project, October 2017 - Prevent Shoplifting on Retail Stores.

Featured Project, October 2017 - Prevent Shoplifting on Retail Stores.

Let’s visualize for the moment you own a small or large retail store, and you’re having a problem with shoplifting. (You’re not alone – retail stores lost a lot because of shoplifting!) What are you going to do? You cannot let it prolong, because every month your system tells you that you are losing thousands of money to theft. It forces you to raise your prices, and that means you have to charge more than the store next door. That can make it very hard to compete, especially if the store next door is successfully discouraging shoplifting.

Stores need to protect themselves from internal (employee) and external (robbery) shoplifting. There are many different types of retail security systems for various types of stores and selecting the correct system and clothing tags will prevent false alarms and ensure that the store is secure throughout the workday.

One of our clients - Fashionolgy Lifestyle – (Imus, GMA, Los Baños) recognizing their need to enhance the protection of their store security. With the help of CCS Sales and Technical team we able to meet their requirements. We offered the Promatic Anti-shoplifting RF EAS System (PDS8858S) a Promatic 3rd generation EAS Security Pedestal combines the advanced software radio and phased array technology to enable perfect detection performance and anti-interference ability. Its multiple innovation functions suit for every kind of stores, even Internet and digital marketing. PDS8858 is not only an anti-theft EAS asset but also a most cost-effective infrastructure for retail stores.


If your retail store suffers from shop theft, you basically have three (3) methods to slow the shoplifters down:

1. You can watch everyone in the store like a hawk and make sure they don't steal anything. You can do that using security guards and/or video surveillance systems
2. You can make things hard to remove from the store by bolting them down, attaching cables, putting things in display cases and behind the counter
3. You can use a system that attaches special tags onto everything so that an alarm goes off whenever a shoplifter tries to walk out with an item.

There are a number of reasons to ensure all your security devices and systems are regularly checked, with maintenance procedures carried out. We all know that prevention is better than cure. It’s less costly too.

It is important to speak with a specialist when making any final decision for what type of security works best for your business. Competitive Card Solutions offers top of line equipment and some of the best security technicians available, give us a call today!
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