Featured Project, November 2017 - Go Beyond Traditional Security.

Featured Project, November 2017 - Go Beyond Traditional Security.

Advance Computer Forms, Inc. (ACFI) is a reputable, fast growing manufacturer and printer of quality paper products. The company has catered to various business, multinational corporations, government agencies and educational institutions since its establishment more than fifteen years ago.


As their company expands, so does the need for vacating or expanding company properties and so, the need for access control is becoming more and more necessary to them. With the help of CCS Sales and Technical Team and ACFI Team we able to meet the security needs of their company by installing twenty-two pieces (22) Sebury R4-K in their company premises.

Sebury R4-K (Metal Waterproof PIN Reader)

  • Metal structure, waterproof, fully potted, confirms to IP65
  • Support EM, HID card(125KHz)
  • Support PIN keypad, with single key 4Bit, 8Bit and 4-6 digits PIN output.
  • Wiegand 26 output, other format needs to be customized, ranging from Wiegand 26 to 37.
  • Additional functions: anti-tamper, LED and buzzer controlled via external controller.

Access Control is vitally important in business, as there is usually a lot of foot traffic. You can effectively keep your building safe and secure, by controlling the movement of people in and out of the building. You can as well set the criteria for the people that are allowed to access the building, or sensitive areas within the building.

Controlling access into and around your building is not only good for security, but also for health and safety reasons, with users being granted or denied access to certain zones at different times. Above everything, access control is very important for theft and safety reasons.

Access Control Systems are not just for businesses. Apartment Complexes, Community Centers, Parking Garages, and even College Campuses all have found great benefit to using an Access Control System. The top benefit being when a person with access leaves, a business or organization no longer needs to worry about replacing locks or keys.

If you’re interested in an Access Control System for your business or organization, give us a call.

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