Featured Project, March 2017 - At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Featured Project, March 2017 - At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Mention the words walk through metal detectors and you’ll probably sure that you’d seen them somewhere. Of course you did. They are often seen for indoor and outdoor use and becoming more prevalent. Security has become very important with all of problems. Although the security measures may seem extreme at times, protecting people in public venues has become a necessity.

Royal Duty Free at Subic Bay Freeport is another place where there is a huge crowd of people and people are continuously coming and going. It is also possible that a person with the intention to rob enters the store.

That’s why Royal Duty Free looked for our assistance to help them which units will match their store requirements. CCS Security Sales Team together with the Technical team comes up with solution of install 6 units of CCS-EA Walk Through Metal Detector to every store entrance.

It is necessary to install walk through security metal detectors in public places like supermarkets, hotel, and many other public place in order to create a safety atmosphere. Usually the walk through metal can explore certain contraband goods that can bring danger to people, such as the handgun, knives. Besides it is also a method to prevent the thief from stealing goods from the supermarkets and reduce the loss of the owner of the super market.

Some people have an unfounded fear of being detected by such high-tech detectors. They thought the magnetic field may harmful to their body. This idea is totally wrong because this kind of magnetic field is extremely weak. There’s no need to concern it even for a heart patient who use pacemaker-type devices. Next time you walk through that detecting gate, please stay calm and do not feel anxious.

“There’s nothing needs to be worried if you don’t bring questionable items or materials with you.”


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