Featured Project, August 2017 - There is just no way to fake it. It’s the hardest to imitate and duplicate.

Featured Project, August 2017 - There is just no way to fake it. It’s the hardest to imitate and duplicate.

Biometrics technology is becoming progressively more popular in today’s market because of their many benefits (and, let’s face it, hand or face scanning equipment is just pretty amazing). Biometric time and attendance system work by measuring features of the body that are distinctive to each person, and thus offer greater accuracy in attendance tracking and access control.

Biometrics Access control systems use human physical traits to uniquely recognize or identify persons. The most common biometric access control system is a fingerprint reader. Using a person's fingerprint, the reader is able to determine who is trying to gain access to the system. Biometrics systems also include time and attendance logging. When a person places his or her fingerprint on the device, the device stores that user's fingerprint on its internal database.

Airports, offices, schools, buildings, amusement parks, manufacturing centers and hospitals—virtually anywhere security is a primary issue, you’ll find this technology.

One of our clients – TCL Online Services Inc. recognizing the need to improve their Time Attendance and Access Control in their office. With the help of CCS Sales and Technical team we able to meet their requirements. We offered the ACTAtek Combination Unit (Acta3-1k-FLI-SE-C) - one of the most popular choices for both access control (AC) and time & attendance (TA) applications. Ease-of-use, no software installation and easy network connection create a simple yet sophisticated enterprise-wide platform for many system level software applications.

By combining biometric fingerprint, RFID smartcard, PIN (keypad) and a CMOS/Video camera, IT manager, security and HR are able to select multiple ways for users to authenticate for both Access Control and Time Attendance.   This unit is built for heavy use. An IP65 product operating over the extended temperature range, this unit will continue to deliver even in extreme weather conditions.

Choosing a Biometrics technology should be an important decision for your company. Go about the process and considerations with a standard solution that meets your organizational goals.


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