Featured Project, April 2017 - A simple identification card solution for busy school.

Featured Project, April 2017 - A simple identification card solution for busy school.

We're all familiar with what student ID cards are and what they look like. Implementing student ID cards is a simple security solution for schools. ID Cards provide instant visual identification for teachers, security, and staff. It provides a quick way to determine if a student belongs in the building or a specific wing of a faculty. Student ID cards are especially helpful at the beginning of the school year when the student’s picture and name are visible to help teachers and staff members learn names quickly.

At Colegio De Dagupan, students received their identification badges as early as the first month of school. The school system requires ID badges for both reasons of security as well as identification. Since then, administrators and teachers have been stressing about their old ID Printer which was a bit damaged already.

By considering their needs and requirements, CCS Identification Sales Team comes up with a solution for them. We offered the MagiCard Enduro3E.

MagiCard Enduro3E

  • Robust, durable & reliable, the Enduro3E is perfect for schools, colleges & medium sized business that print up to 10,000.00 cards per year. It includes the Holotoke visual security system & ca print color, monochrome or rewritable cards.
  • Plug & Play setup & compact footprint are ideal for portability & lower volume card printing

With all the choices available for ID Card Printers today, it's important to find the right device for your business needs. Determining how you will use the printer and what features you need will make the decision process easier. If you are still having difficulty or have additional questions, give our ID Card Printer experts a call. We're happy to help you out.


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