2021 – Is your ID card printer ready to print?

2021 – Is your ID card printer ready to print?

Year 2021, as more companies think about returning to offices and workspaces, it’ll be more important than ever to make sure that your ID card printer is on best form and ready for printing 

Here are some tips and some questions you should be asking to ensure your ID card printer is ready for action.

1. Clean your ID card printer 

As employees return to work, most people will be concerned about keeping everything clean. But something that should not be overlooked is the inside of your ID card printer. The inner parts are extremely sensitive to dust and tiny bit s of debris. 

Before you print ID cards, you should run a thorough printer cleaningIt is important to ensure the printhead is completely clean of any dust and dirt before starting to print. 

It might not have been getting much use, but it’s possible whilst sat inactive that more dust than usual will have gotten into the external parts. To attain a high-quality print and minimize the possibility of a ribbon breaking, it is important to do this as soon as you turn on your ID card printer for the first time after not using it for a while.

2. Stock for cards and accessories  

You can’t remember how many cards you’ve printed with your current ribbon?  You can look the printer status that allows you to check the ribbon's status,  machine’s status, and make settings related to the machine.  

Aside from checking printer status and ensuring the ID card printer is clean,  make sure that your ID cards are also clear of any dust or dirt before attempting  to print. A problem that can cause cards to jam.  

It’s also important to ensure you’re well stocked of ribbon, cards and accessories  for your printing needs. 

If you need any help getting your ID card printer up and running, our dedicated support staff are on hand to help. 

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