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Mawari Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector

Mawari Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector


600T/24 Portable Walkthrough Metal Detector

Portable gate management is a kind of lightweight, high performance security, the security of the metal detection sensitivity is higher, with the portable light, portable, waterproof, quality characteristics, has only one operator to carry it on to any location, and assembled in five minutes, and make it work properly, is ideal for the games, the metal detector door meeting, schools and other places.It is also easy to operate and completely portable, so it is easy to operate and can be used without any operation training.

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Technical parameter
Product Model 600T/24
Aisle dimension (mm) 2051x710x500mm
Fold dimension (mm) 889x606x484mm
Package Size (mm) 948x666x525mm
Net Weight/Gross Weight 42kgs/50kgs
Detection Zones 9/12/18/11/22/33/63 zones
Working Voltage AC 110V~240V/50HZ~60HZ
Working Power DC 12V/5A 12W
Power supply The whole system is equipped with polymer battery,life time 4, 8, 16, 24, 48, 72 hours(optional)
Working Environment Temperature -20℃~60℃
Installation Environment 100cm wide * 200cm long (minimum range without metal)

Detection object

Forbidden object, magnetic metal

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