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Mawari 33 Zones Outdoor Walkthrough Metal Detector

Mawari 33 Zones Outdoor Walkthrough Metal Detector


285WA Indoor Walkthrough Metal Detector

  • The system has the function of displaying environmental monitoring data; High performance, high sensitivity and high stability.
  • With system networking, multiple devices can be managed through one PC.
  • Pre set the weight, volume, size and position of metal objects, and eliminate false alarms such as keys, jewelry and belt buckles.
  • It conforms to EMC electromagnetic radiation standard, and uses weak magnetic field technology, which is harmless to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, films, video tapes, etc.

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Technical parameter
Product Model 285WA
Vertical Overall Dimension(mm) 2230x1100x500mm
Vertical Dimensions of Passage (mm) 2000x720x500mm
Package Size (mm) 2440x630x750mm
Net Weight/Gross Weight 60kgs/65kgs
Detection Zones 18/33/63 zones
Working Voltage AC90V~264V 50/60Hz
Working Power 15W
Operating Frequency Range 0-90 frequency bands
Working Environment Temperature -20℃~65℃
Installation Environment 100cm wide * 200cm long (minimum range without metal)

IP Grade

IP 65 waterproof

Accuracy Range of Metal Objects
For Location Detection

Maximum sensitivity ≥ 30g metal 

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