Marwari 18 Zones Walkthrough Metal Detector

Marwari 18 Zones Walkthrough Metal Detector


Product highlights

* Power on self test (POST)
* Modular components design for easy and quick transportation
and maintenance
* Stable performance, 18 localization zones
* Powered by safe low valtage DC
* Password and hardware key access protection
* Weather resistant protection (Indoor or outdoor use)
* Embedded battery back-up and charger
* Four LED indicating bars showing threat locations on human body
* Detect threat objects including magnetic, non-magnetic metals
and mixed alloys with high sensitivity to find tiny threat
* Super low detection height

Technical specification

Technical specification
Digital pulse technology Digital signal processing and filtering system with excellent  ability to resist electromagnetic interference
Low-intensity magnetic field technology Compliant with international safety standard, and harmless to pacemakers, pregnant women, floppy disks, films, videos, etc. 
Operation control Operates with a remote controller for all functions
Display 5.5 inch LCD
Detection zone 18 localization zones to precisely identify multiple target locations,6 from head to toe, 3 from left to right 
Minimum height of detection 20mm
Alarm - Sound and light, four LED light bars on back and front of the door frame
- Multi zones alarm when detected
- 9 sounds and 8 volume levels for selection
Counter Intelligent traffic and alarm counters that support precisely detects passing passer-by and alarmed passer-by via infrared sensor
Sensitivity Can detect a clip or 1/2 cutter blade
Degree of sensitivity Adjustable from 0 to 1999 according to the size and density of metal objects to be detected
Adjustable signal frequencies Support 11 kinds of working frequency available or manual setting from 7000 to 8999Hz
Minimum distance between two WTMD 0.5m at high sensitivity 
Anti-interference design Multiple walk through metal detectors working at the same time without mutual interference
Shock proof Avoid false alarm in wind or shock
Tamper-Proof Operation program is protected by password
Gate material PVC surface board, fire-proof, corrosion proof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, and no deformation. 
Weather proof IP55, supporting outdoor work 
Options Battery, network with PC, turnstile, integrate camera, etc
Operating Environment
Power supply AC100V~240V    50/60Hz 
Maximum power consumption 12W
Operation temperature/Humidity  -20℃ ~ 45℃ / 0% ~ 98%
Storage Temperature/Humidity  -20℃ ~ 55℃ / 0% ~ 98%
Physical Specification
Unit weight (kgs) 63
Outer frame 2210mm (h) * 845mm (w) * 710mm (d) 
Inner frame 1980mm (h) * 710mm (w) * 608mm (d)
after packed in carton -  
Gross weight (kgs) 68
Packing size #1: 230*76*26cm, 51kg
  #2: 77*27*52cm, 17kg
International  * ISO19001; ISO14001; ISO45001

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