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Namiton CNT-YW120TY Fully Automatic Flap Turnstile

Namiton CNT-YW120TY Fully Automatic Flap Turnstile


Product Description
Flap Barrier Gate Main Function:
1.Higher flow rate and better anti-tailgate function .
2.Double protections of Mechanical and infrared anti-pinch function.providing more reliable and safer passing.
3Multi alarm modes:illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, anti-follow, overtime alarm etc.


4.Anti-rush function,Anti-Reverse,anti-intrusion, anti-follow.
5.LED indicator light :green and red indicate the passing information.
6.Normal open and normal close can be controlled by external button.(for group pass)
7.Auto detect and reset function.
8.Gate auto open when power is off to meet the fire protection requirements.
9. Flap turnstile can be hooked with all kinds of access control systems,upon receiving the relay switch signal.
10.Flap turnstile can be uni-directional or bi-directional control.
11. High adaptability for environment, and good ability for self-protection.Can work properly under all kinds of harsh environment, strong ego-protect ability, can adapt to the weak current short circuit, glare, fog rain and snow, the typhoon weather and climate change.

Flap Barrier Gate Specification:

Housing material International standard 304SS
Dimensions 1200L*320W*1000H mm
Lane width 570mm(Adjustable)
Weight 45-80kg
Passing speed 35-45 perople/minute
MCBF 5million times
Input voltage AC220±10% V,50HZ
Driving motor DC 50W/24V
Working environment Indoor and outdoor
Working temperature -40℃—— 80℃
Suitable humidity 5%—— 90%

Flap Barrier Gate Expansible Functions:

Auto bidirectional counter:Automatically count the number present(customized)
Voice prompt(customized)
Barrier arm material and color can be customized.

Flap Barrier Gate Application range:

This high efficiency security Wing Turnstile is one of the best entrance control,which could be equipped with almost any system of different buildings, such as access control, time and attendance, visitors, card transceivers, tickets and biometrics, as well as being able to handle CCTV and other additions.The wing turnstile applied to following:
Airport terminal,Metro,bus station and massTransportation;
Governmental facilities &State Institutions;
Outdoor/Indoor Public Areas,,Fitness and Sport Halls;
Industrial Plants;Bank,Hosptial lobby,construction sites;
Universities and other Education Institutions,childcare centers;
Military and Defence Facilities;
Business Centers and Plazas;
Tourism and Historical Facilities;
Ticket Authentication and Process Integration Applications.
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