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Namiton CNT-SW128YX Fully Automatic Tripod Turnstile

Namiton CNT-SW128YX Fully Automatic Tripod Turnstile


Product Description
Brushless Tripod Turnstile Main Functions:
1.Equipped with standard card read window, can be connect with multi card-readdevice

2.Tripod turnstile with function of break down self check and alarm,easy maintenance and operation.
3.Can be connected with any control device and can be controlled by external button or remote control. Can set one or bi-direction passing at will
4.Auto reset function:

Tripod turnstile arm rotates 120 degree and auto resets after detection of human/objects’ passing.

Auto cancels passing right and resets if the passgers does not pass within specified time.(the time can be set by operator)


5.Lighting indicator :High brightness passing indication.
6.Anti-follow function: Turnstile arm rotates 120 degree for normal passing and will hold tight and alarm if there has trailing
7.Anti buffering function: Tripod turnstile arm holds tightly after rotating corresponding angle to realize humanized protection .and auto reset when the external force disappears
7.Anti-reverse function: In the process of arm reset, if there has reverse force, tripod turnstile arm will start anti-reverse function automatically and send out alarm till external forces disappear ,then back to zero for normal passing.
8.Alarm prompt function: Sending out alarm when has illegal intruder or crash.
9.Fire control input: can be connected to the fire alarm signal, realize continuous electric pole normally open.
10.Memory function:fast access.accurate signal memory, continuous to receive many times the legitimate signal, after the last man detected by automatic reset.
11.The pole will Auto drop when power is off, auto raising when power is on.
12.Dynamic prompt:When receiving legitimate open-gate signal,tripod turnstile arms move forward about 5 degree,and rotate mutely with a soft touch to the reset point.
Compared with Automatic Tripod Turnstile.this Smart automatic Tripod Turnstile has

unique advantages:
1.Adopt Brush-less motor,merits for longer lifespan.
2.Adopt ARM control technology, merits for stronger function and better expand-ability.
3.Modular design, the structure is simpler and easier to maintain.
4.Better buffer effect, greatly prevent collision and human injuries;
5.With timely reverse push force will fright illegible intruder.
6.Higher cost effective( high end performance and affordable price)
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