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Namiton CNT-SW125 Fully Automatic Tripod Turnstile

Namiton CNT-SW125 Fully Automatic Tripod Turnstile


Tripod Turnstile sportlight:
1.Adopt Brush-less motor,it has longer lifespan.
2.Adopt ARM control technology, merits for stronger function and better expand-ability.
3.Modular design, the structure is simpler and easier to maintain.
4.Better buffer effect, greatly prevent collision and human injuries;
5.With timely reverse push force will fright illegible intruder.
6.Merits for smooth running,speed adjustable and low wear.
7.Higher cost effective( high end performance and affordable price)

Tripod Turnstile Technical Parameter:

1.Housing material: Stainless steel 304
3.Weight:About 70kg
4.Pole length:510mm
5.Pole maximum force:80kg
6.Pole working force :3KG
7.Pole rotation: one-way and two-way
8.Working movement:12V/20W DC motor
9.Working environment: Indoor and outdoor(canopy is suggested)
10.Suitable Temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃
11.Emergency measure: Pole falling when power off
12.Gate opening time:0.2s
13.Standard input interface: Relay switch signal

Tripod Turnstile main function:
1.Equipped with standard card read window, can be connect with multi card-readdevice
2.Tripod turnstile with function of break down self check and alarm,easy maintenance and operation.
3.can be controlled by external button or remote control. Can set one or bi-direction passing at will
4.Auto reset function.
5.LED indicator light :green and red indicate the passing information
6.Anti-follow function,Anti buffering function,Anti-reverse,anti-pinch.
7.Alarm prompt function: Sending out alarm when has illegal intruder or crash.
8.Gate auto open when power is off to meet the fire protection requirements.
9.Memory function:fast access.accurate signal memory, continuous to receive many times the legitimate signal, after the last man detected by automatic reset.
10.The pole will Auto drop when power is off, auto raising when power is on.
11.Dynamic prompt:When receiving legitimate open-gate signal,tripod turnstile arms move forward about 5 degree,and rotate mutely with a soft touch to the reset point.

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