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Edge-to-Edge Printing vs. Over-the-Edge Printing

Edge-to-Edge Printing vs. Over-the-Edge Printing

What is edge-to-edge printing? 

  • Edge-to-edge printing is a common print style with direct-to-card ID card printers.
  • It leaves a slim border around the surface of your printed ID card. 
  • The border isn't printed; rather it's a small area of the card to which no print was applied. 
  • It is generally more affordable. 
  • Cards with a white border tend to look a little less professional than their border-free counterparts. 



What is over-the-edge printing? 

  • This print method is available on reverse-transfer printers, also known as retransfer printers. 
  • It leaves no visible border around the edges of your printed ID card. 
  • The film fuses to the entire surface of the card, leaving no border.
  • It is a more expensive option, but it produces a higher-quality, more professional ID card. 

Now that you know the difference between edge-to-edge printing and over-the-edge printing, it's time to get yourself a new machine! 

ID Card Printer VS Inkjet Printer

ID Card Printer VS Inkjet Printer

You want a professional image? Don’t let a household printer and paper represent your brand. 

As the regularly require ID cards for identification and security - Education, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Retail, and Transport sectors around the world, so does the number of ways you can create them. 

Recently, inkjet kits have been launched which make it possible for inkjet printers to print onto PVC cards. From functionality to quality, there’s a significant difference between PVC card printing and inkjet card printing. We should look at how this compares to printing an ID card on a specially designed card printer which comes with security built-in. 



The inkjet printing is water-based. Regular inkjet printers will not print on standard PVC plastic cards without smudging. Recently, suppliers have started offering kits, these kits come with special inkjet-specific PVC cards and a replacement tray that works in conjunction with an inkjet printer. 

Inkjet card kit printing simply lacks the security of PVC ID card printing. Security options are limited. 

Print quality is also an issue, the home printer ink will lay on top of the card which means it can be easily rubbed off, creating a potential for fraud and requiring more frequent replacement. 



Dye sublimation is the process where the printhead heats the printer ribbon and the ink vaporizes and bonds with the plastic card. This type of printing produces average quality cards at higher print speeds. Also, provides a more durable and color-rich result. 

Many ID printers have security options built-in. Magicard printers offer the patented, original HoloKote® and Custom HoloKote® security features as well as holograms and lamination. 

The HoloKote image is frosted into the clear overcoat application of the standard print process resulting in a watermark like layer that can be visually verified when the card is tilted in the light. 

The average lifespan of an ID card printer is 5 years. Some have seen theirs last longer! How long does your standard inkjet printer last? 


If you’re looking to create robust, highly secure cards that are counterfeit-proof then using a specifically designed ID card printer is the only way to be confident in the results. 

Checklist - for your ID Card Printer

Checklist - for your ID Card Printer

You already have your ID card printer. What other items should you consider to complete your ID card system? 

Here’s a list to use as a guide! 

  • Card Printer Training - learn from our ID expert, a peace of mind knowing you have been trained by a professional and had all your questions answered 
  • Ribbons, Cleaning Kits & Supplies – ensure high printing quality with genuine supplies 
  • Plastic Cards – stock up on cards so that you won’t run out 
  • ID Software – allows you to easily design ID cards, manage and store cardholder information, communicate with databases, and add functionality.  
  • Camera – professional-looking photos for your IDs 
  • Signature Pad capture your user’s signature quick and easy 
  • Lanyard & Lace - to ensure that your ID is visible at all times 
  • Card Holders – keep your ID protected and increases the lifespan of your cards 
  • Slot Punch – punch a hole or slot in your ID card – it can hang from a strap clip, lanyard, lace or reel. 

We’ll help you figure out which card printer supplies you need to keep your ID card program running efficiently and effectively! 

Card printer with wide range options

Card printer with wide range options

Card Printers have a wide range of options so you can select the printer that best matches your organization’s needs.  

Card printers are not just in single use but you can turn into multiple and cost-effective card programs. An ID card printer can do much more than print your identification cards. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

1. Visitor Passes 

It is used by businesses to control access and increase security by identifying the visitors entering the  facility. By issuing your visitor with a badge, it ensures that no unauthorized people are on your office. 

Visitor Passes might seem like a small thing, but they make a big impact. The best companies know that  paying attention to these kinds of details can make all the difference 

2. Calling or Business Cards 

Most businesses have a traditional paper business card. Business cards are a way to make a quick first impression on the recipients.  

So, stand out from the crowd with a unique business card printed on a plastic cardGive a personal touch and make an impression so that your clients will keep it. It can result to business opportunities. 

Also, printing your own business cards; you will have the complete control over the design and the quantity printed. 

Take note in in-house printing you don’t have to worry about sensitive information or data leaving your organizations. You don’t open yourself up to potential risks from outside sources. 

To get the most out of your investment, it is important that you select ID card printers that are best equipped to meet your needs. 

The final decision is down to you and if you're ready and you’d like to chat with one of our identification experts about our ID card printers don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Perfect time to upgrade your card printer

Perfect time to upgrade your card printer

ID card printers play a role in many organizations. So how do you know when is the perfect time for your organization to invest on a new ID card printer?  

Here are the helpful recommendations to guide you in making your decision. 

It’s time to replace and upgrade your ID printer if: 


Unfortunately, your computer operating system will come out with an “upgrade”. These upgrades and patches can cause whole host of issues.  

As a result, you’ll either need to run your ID system on an old PC or look into trading in that old machine and upgrading to a printer that is compatible with your current operating system. 


Oftentimes organizations outgrow their ID card printers. But the good news is that there are card printers – such  as Magicard Enduro3E or Rio Pro 360 are upgradeable. It means it can easily upgrade the machine as your  requirements or needs change. 

For example, upgrading to dual-sided printing and encoding capabilities. Some of the card printer models do not  offer upgradeable features, and they require you to purchase a new model or trade in their old one. 


Over time, other components may begin to wear out. This time you need to determine whether it's more cost- effective to repair or if it’s time to purchase new one. Continual repairs to an outdated card printer can add up  or downtime for your card production. 

If you use an ID card printer numerous times per week and you get anywhere between three to five years out of it, you are getting good worth for your money. QUICK TIPBe sure to check out also the valuable discount or trade-in offers in the market to save big and take advantage of the promo for better card printing experience. 

As always, if you have questions about our current ID card printers, you can contact us and we are happy to help you out! 

Quick Facts About Direct-to-Card Printer

Quick Facts About Direct-to-Card Printer

Direct-to-Card Printers 

Also, a “dye sublimation printers”, these are most common and use ink ribbons & cards to print. The print head inside direct-to-card printers prints directly onto the cards themselves. 

  • Faster Print Speeds 
  • Lower cost per card (Consumables are less expensive) 
  • Card designs will typically have a small white border around the edge of the card because the print head cannot go over the edge of the cards 
  • Designed for printing on regular PVC cards, or adhesive back cards 

The common questions asked when a company is looking to implement a new ID system is, “What ID card printer is best for our company? 

Since there are many different selections for ID card printers, the response to this inquiry depends on each company needs for their cards. That’s why it is always a best idea to speak with ID experts to help guarantee that you choose the machine that ultimately fits your card printing requirements. 

Magicard card (direct-to-card) printers: 


Magicard Pronto 



  • Compact and portable ID card printer 
  • Anybody can print ID card with a Magicard Pronto 
  • Versatile – print color or rewrite cards 
  • With HoloKote visual security 
  • Single-sided printing 
  • Print technology: 

300dpi colour dye sublimation, monochrome, thermal rewritable 

  • Feed System: 


  • Visual Security: 

4 Standard HoloKote designs/HoloPatch for a highly-visible gold seal on the card 

  • Print Speed: 

35s Color / 7s Monochrome 


Magicard Enduro3E 



  • Robust and reliable mid-volume card printing 
  • Versatile and flexible card printing 
  • ID card issuance you can trust 
  • With HoloKote visual security
  • Single-sided printing Double-sided printing 
  • Print technology: 

300dpi colour dye sublimation, monochrome, thermal rewritable 

  • Feed System: 

Manual and hopper fed 

  • Visual Security: 

4 Standard HoloKote designs / HoloPatch for a highly-visible gold seal on the card 

  • Print Speed: 

100 cards per hour Color / 500 cards per hour Monochrome 


Magicard Rio Pro 360 



  • Optimized - Advanced electronics and software platform provides enhanced performance 
  • Secure - can print an anti-fraud customized watermark on every card 
  • With HoloKote visual security 
  • Single-sided printing Double-sided printing 
    • Print technology: 

    300dpi colour dye sublimation, monochrome, thermal rewritable 

    • Feed System: 

    Manual and hopper fed 

    • Visual Security: 

    10 Customized Holokote designs / 10 Standard HoloKote designs / HoloPatch for a highly-visible gold seal on the card 

    • Print Speed: 

    200 cards per hour Color / 750 cards per hour Monochrome