Time Attendance

CCS has sold thousands of time attendance recording devices a year, and installed hundred of those. What make the customers choose our solution is the simplicity of our system for small companies but it can be scaled up as your company grows.

Organization doesn't have to replace the first system they acquired from us when they expand, but instead add more units or upgrade their current system. This can save companies time and money, as HR Personnel does have to retraining themselves on the new systems.

In addition to basic time attendance function, our systems has these capabilities.
  • Multiple location Data Sync.
  • No software Installation Options - Best fitting for small to medium companies.
  • Browser Based - Access-able anytime, anywhere, any platform.
  • Data base integration with Third Party Payroll System, HRIS and Workforce Management.
  • Access Control Integration.
  • Scale-able
  • Robust Device for rugged environment

If you are looking for time attendance system for your organization, we may have the right solution for you, please message us here, we'll call you.

Sample Diagram of Actatek Systems (one of our Flagship solution)