Offset Card Printing


What is Offset Printing?

To give you a brief background, offset printing uses plates that transfer an image into a rubber blanket that will roll into the PVC sheet, which will become the card. It is named "Offset" because the ink isn't transferred directly to the paper. Offset is the best choice for a larger quantity of orders as it provides sharper image quality and more accurate colors compared to other printing processes.

Here are some of the advantages of Offset Printing;

  • Fast printing even for small and high volumes
  • Produces high-quality prints with accuracy in color
  • Produces sharp images and gives crisp and clean lines for small texts. 
  • Availability of Pantone colors, special inks such as metallic, foil stamp, hot stamp, UV stamp, and many more
  • Inexpensive. Prices become cheaper as the quantities get larger
  • More importantly, it's customizable, depending on your requirements

Competitive Card Solutions Phils. Inc. specializes in the customization of plastic cards (also known as PVC cards) to its different usages such as:

  •  Membership and Loyalty Cards
  •  Hotel Key Cards
  •  RFID or NFC Cards
  •  Promotional or Gift Cards
  •  Event Badges
  •  Hotel Key Cards
  •  HMO or Insurance Cards
  •  Government Card
  •  Pre-printed Cards
  • And many more depending on your requirements

We have already catered to big clients both locally and internationally all across the globe.