CCSPI Advisory: COVID-19

To Our Partners and Customers,

Like just about everyone, CCSPI had to change plans when the pandemic arrived.

We are aware of how COVID-19 is causing much alarm for many people, communities, and businesses worldwide. During this time, we feel deeply committed to support you and the communities you serve, and we remain focused on our customers and partners while doing everything we can to protect our employees.

We have been working to protect the health of our employees and have implemented a company-wide, work from home set-up, effective last week. We plan to continue remote work for the next few weeks and possibly longer. This choice is made to minimize exposure of our workforce to COVID-19, keep them healthy, and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

We follow all cleaning and hygiene, social distancing and travel guidelines laid out by Department of Health DOH and local government. This means we have implemented a travel ban for our employees, except for mission critical projects. External visit to our offices are limited to product deliveries and essential meetings only, and site entry restrictions applied.

We want to ensure business continuity to the highest level as possible without compromising the safety of your employees and ours.

With the concerted efforts of our organization, management team, employees, and partners, we are demonstrating flexibility to control over this situation of somewhat uncertainty. We understand this condition is very dynamic and have contingency plans in place. In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and to adjust our policies and provide updates as needed.

Please take care of yourself, stay safe and healthy.

Competitive Card Solutions Phils. Inc.