Access Control System

Access control is an essential security system and a prerequisite that every organization, regardless of size, must have. It secures workplaces and areas by granting access only to those who are authorized to enter. It can help security administrators to properly implement rules (like "No ID, No Entry.").

However In this pandemic it is no longer enough that someone is authorized to grand access, a mask-on and normal body temperature are also essential for a more safer premises.

We have the following ID and Access Control Systems;
  • RFID Based Systems
  • Finger Print Biometrics Systems
  • Facial Recognition Biometric Systems
  • Body Temperature scanning
  • Mask wearing requirement
  • PIN Code Systems
  • Combination of any of them.

We can integrate these systems into our turnstiles gates - a perfect solution for school campuses, factories, BPO companies, lobbies, and many more.

Above all, our Physical Access Control team is adept and knowledgeable in security systems and can assist you in choosing what's suitable for your organization. Call us now!

Sample Video of ID and Access Systems - That helps prevent the spread of Virus.