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Featured Project, June 2018

Featured Project, June 2018 0


Offering breathtaking design and stunning views over Alabang, Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila stands as an iconic architectural marvel in Southern Manila. Opt for a City View room to enjoy breathtaking vistas of the gorgeous skyline. If you can turn your eyes away from the window, head down to sample outbursts of Mediterranean fare at Café Eight and share romantic after-dinner cocktails at the Lobby Lounge. Looking for the perfect spot to unwind? The photogenic poolside is bedecked with luxurious Dedon nest chairs and plush loungers that set the tone for a relaxing retreat. Every element is richly-designed and continues to innovate, as the hotel continuously elevates its facilities to enrich your stay.

In an effort to create a safe and secure environment for guest and hotel employees, Crimson Hotel is installing screening device (MAWARI AT5030A X-Ray Baggage Scanner) like you find at airports for screening passengers and suitcases. With the help of CCS Sales and Technical Engineers we able to meet their security needs.

MAWARI AT5030A X-Ray Baggage Scanner

  • A Series Single Energy
  • Tunnel Size: 500*300mm
  • Single Generator, 80KV, Single Energy
  • With Linux Operation System
  • Built-in ARM CPU
  • Conveyor Speed (m/s): 0.22
  • Conveyor Max Load (kgs): 100
  • Penetration: 8mm Steel
  • Wire Resolution: AWG40

While you’re stepping through metal detector, your hand luggage is going on a different trip: into an X-ray scanner. The X-Ray baggage scanner is very important, we can use X-Rray baggage scanner to find smuggling or hidden contraband, on the other hand, ensure explosives, weapons, narcotics or weapons of mass destruction dangerous and illegal items not in the luggage, airport, factory or other place. They’re used to construct a picture of what’s inside your bags, and allow security staff to check anything that looks suspicious.

It is important to speak with a specialist when making any final decision for what type of security works best for your business. Competitive Card Solutions offers top of line equipment and some of the best security technicians available, give us a call today!

Featured Project, May 2017 - Safety is everyone's business.

Featured Project, May 2017 - Safety is everyone's business. 0

Nowadays, the problem of security has arisen. A large crowd of people’s attention as people’s awareness of security is becoming stronger. There are many security facilities used in public, just like police dog, X-ray baggage scanner and metal detector. Why is it very important to keep secure in public and special condition?

Last Holy week, security measures across the country are being tightened. Filipino usually flocks to the provinces during Holy week to attend religious rituals, spend time with the family or for a well-deserved vacation at the beach.

Divine Mercy foundation of Mindanao Inc. looked for our assistant and ordered from us an X-ray baggage for the observance of Holy Week.  In this area there are many people in this important occasion. What’s more, in this important space, many bad men will try to do something which is detrimental to people, so avoiding and banishing these people is very important to them.

All in all, to keep safety is considered to be the most important thing for citizens. Not only should government and police bureau take a lot of measures to protect people using facilities like X-ray baggage security scanner and metal detector, but also should every one do what he can do with the purpose to keep safety. If everybody can take all kinds of measures to keep public security, our society will become more safe and harmony.