Featured Projects — Walk Through Metal Detector

Featured Project, June 2018

Featured Project, June 2018 0


Offering breathtaking design and stunning views over Alabang, Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila stands as an iconic architectural marvel in Southern Manila. Opt for a City View room to enjoy breathtaking vistas of the gorgeous skyline. If you can turn your eyes away from the window, head down to sample outbursts of Mediterranean fare at Café Eight and share romantic after-dinner cocktails at the Lobby Lounge. Looking for the perfect spot to unwind? The photogenic poolside is bedecked with luxurious Dedon nest chairs and plush loungers that set the tone for a relaxing retreat. Every element is richly-designed and continues to innovate, as the hotel continuously elevates its facilities to enrich your stay.

In an effort to create a safe and secure environment for guest and hotel employees, Crimson Hotel is installing screening device (MAWARI AT5030A X-Ray Baggage Scanner) like you find at airports for screening passengers and suitcases. With the help of CCS Sales and Technical Engineers we able to meet their security needs.

MAWARI AT5030A X-Ray Baggage Scanner

  • A Series Single Energy
  • Tunnel Size: 500*300mm
  • Single Generator, 80KV, Single Energy
  • With Linux Operation System
  • Built-in ARM CPU
  • Conveyor Speed (m/s): 0.22
  • Conveyor Max Load (kgs): 100
  • Penetration: 8mm Steel
  • Wire Resolution: AWG40

While you’re stepping through metal detector, your hand luggage is going on a different trip: into an X-ray scanner. The X-Ray baggage scanner is very important, we can use X-Rray baggage scanner to find smuggling or hidden contraband, on the other hand, ensure explosives, weapons, narcotics or weapons of mass destruction dangerous and illegal items not in the luggage, airport, factory or other place. They’re used to construct a picture of what’s inside your bags, and allow security staff to check anything that looks suspicious.

It is important to speak with a specialist when making any final decision for what type of security works best for your business. Competitive Card Solutions offers top of line equipment and some of the best security technicians available, give us a call today!

Featured Project, March 2017 - At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Featured Project, March 2017 - At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. 0

Mention the words walk through metal detectors and you’ll probably sure that you’d seen them somewhere. Of course you did. They are often seen for indoor and outdoor use and becoming more prevalent. Security has become very important with all of problems. Although the security measures may seem extreme at times, protecting people in public venues has become a necessity.

Royal Duty Free at Subic Bay Freeport is another place where there is a huge crowd of people and people are continuously coming and going. It is also possible that a person with the intention to rob enters the store.

That’s why Royal Duty Free looked for our assistance to help them which units will match their store requirements. CCS Security Sales Team together with the Technical team comes up with solution of install 6 units of CCS-EA Walk Through Metal Detector to every store entrance.

It is necessary to install walk through security metal detectors in public places like supermarkets, hotel, and many other public place in order to create a safety atmosphere. Usually the walk through metal can explore certain contraband goods that can bring danger to people, such as the handgun, knives. Besides it is also a method to prevent the thief from stealing goods from the supermarkets and reduce the loss of the owner of the super market.

Some people have an unfounded fear of being detected by such high-tech detectors. They thought the magnetic field may harmful to their body. This idea is totally wrong because this kind of magnetic field is extremely weak. There’s no need to concern it even for a heart patient who use pacemaker-type devices. Next time you walk through that detecting gate, please stay calm and do not feel anxious.

“There’s nothing needs to be worried if you don’t bring questionable items or materials with you.”


Featured Project, June 2017 - Make your establishments feel safe again.

Featured Project, June 2017 - Make your establishments feel safe again. 1

Fears have been expressed for the safety of public facilities in Manila after a lone gunman was able to enter an upscale casino and hotel complex with an M4 carbine and gasoline, firing shots and setting fire to gaming tables before immolating himself.

Casinos tend to have a broader set of security issues than many other settings. Casinos are entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants and possess substantial amounts of cash. A primary factor that contributes to these potential dangers is that at any given time a casino is often extremely crowded. Massive crowds are a concern because the more people in any given area the more likely something is going to happen. This could be an assault, a group of thieves looking for an easy target, or an accident that may have been prevented or detected if there were fewer people present.

One of our client - Solaire New Oriental Club 88 (Theater Building, Mezzanine Floor) looked for our assistance to meet their requirements in security settings. CCS Sales Security and Technical team comes up with a solution of installing units of Walk Through Metal Detectors in their building. The purpose of metal detecting is to find weapons, such as guns, knives, tools with a cut edges or other metals.

Security of their establishment and their patrons is their highest priority. Their guests must feel a sense of security and assurance that everything has been done to provide a safe and secure environment. This shows that they are concern with their customers’ security.

“With this extensive technology it is virtually worthless if someone is not continuously monitoring it.”