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Featured Projects — Sales Team

Featured Project, July 2018 - Naminton CNT-YW120TY Flap Barriers

Featured Project, July 2018 - Naminton CNT-YW120TY Flap Barriers 0

Established in 2000, SeidoPro began as a joint venture between the Transnational Diversified Group and NYK Line (Tokyo), with the primary objective of providing IT-enabled support and knowledge-based shipping BPO services to various onshore clients around the globe.

As their company expands, so does the need for vacating or expanding company properties and so, the need for access control is becoming more and more necessary to them. With the help of CCS Sales and Technical Team and SeidoPro Team we able to meet the security needs of their company by installing Naminton CNT-YW120TY Flap Barriers in their company premises.


A flap barrier is an immediate solution and reliable method which provide traffic control and security of certain areas. They are installed in buildings to avoid people from access to unauthorized areas. Card reader, biometric devices or an external control panel are used to activate an access control system to these devices. The access control system is added directly into the flap barrier, in a reception or security desk. At any time, the user gets authorization to enter, and then the flap barrier will be unlocked allowing the user to go.

Naminton CNT-YW120TY Flap Barriers

  • Higher flow rate and better anti-tailgate function.
  • Double protections of Mechanical and infrared anti-pinch function. Providing more reliable and safer passing.
  • Multi alarm modes: illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, anti-follow, overtime alarm etc.
  • Anti-rush function, Anti-Reverse, anti-intrusion, anti-follow.
  • LED indicator light: green and red indicate the passing information.
  • Normal open and normal close can be controlled by external button.(for group pass)
  • Auto detects and reset function.
  • Gate auto open when power is off to meet the fire protection requirements.
  • Flap barrier can be hooked with all kinds of access control systems, upon receiving the relay switch signal.
  • Flap barrier can be uni-directional or bi-directional control.
  • High adaptability for environment, and good ability for self-protection. Can work properly under all kinds of harsh environment, strong ego-protect ability, can adapt to the weak current short circuit, glare, fog rain and snow, the typhoon weather and climate change.

Flap barrier are very much useful in a building. For avoiding people from unauthorized access control in restricted area then consider using flap barrier. Automated system in flap barrier has access to main server will ease out many works.

If you’re interested in an Access Control System for your business or organization, give us a call.

Featured Project, March 2018

Featured Project, March 2018 0

The main gate of any gated community is the busiest and probably the most chaotic location of a community. In any typical day, the main gate would open about a hundred to thousand times in a day – for cabs, resident vehicles and visitor vehicles to move in and out. Hence, for a community of about 500 houses, vehicle management does become a serious concern. Many gated communities have installed boom barriers, in an attempt to manage the vehicle movement in their society.

Boom barrier are one of the most useful security tool in controlling access to commercial and industrial properties. A boom barrier is a bar or a pole that can be lowered and raised to allow or block access to an area. They help regulate the entry of vehicles and unauthorized personnel.

One of our clients – Doña Faustina Village 1 one of the villages in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, upgrade their security management starting in their main gate. With the help of CCS Sales and Technical Team, installing CCS 4.5 Meters Straight Boom Barrier Gate to their main gate will be the best idea.

Benefits of installing boom barriers at entry points 

  • Better control of traffic at entry and exit points – Controlling the entry and exit of people as well as vehicles becomes quite easy and hassle free with the help of the boom gates.
  • Convenience – Opting for an automated barricading in the form of boom barriers, eliminates inconveniences and enhances the security as well. Instead of getting out of your car to open the gate, you can drive through as the gate opens itself due to radiation and you can close it with the help of a remote.
  • Enhanced security- Obviously, an automated gives you the facility to exercise control over who enters and exits your property. This feature proves quite handy and provides added protection for your kids and gives convenience to your guests as well. Precise entrance control not only helps your ensure compact security, rather it helps you decrease the number of unwanted visitors as well.

There are many kinds and designs of boom barriers today that cater to a variety of purposes, and finding the correct type of boom barrier is critical to ensure that you have adequate protection for your community.

When it comes to selecting the right boom barrier to maintain heightened security in your community, our team at CCS can help. You can get in touch with us today! We will be happy to give you a free demo.