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Is it best to print your ID cards in house or outsourced?

Is it best to print your ID cards in house or outsourced?

Is it best to print your ID cards in house or outsourced?

Two basic options — printing them in-house or outsourcing. Both of these choices will ultimately provide you the with cards you were looking for. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution to get professional ID cards, in-house printing definitely makes sense.

Owning an ID Printer

  • Low cost per card.
  • No more minimum order.
  • Print your cards quickly and on demand, no more lead times.
  • Easy to operate - operator does not require special skills, works like a paper printer.
  • Monitor the progress of ID Production, you’re in full control.
  • Lesser risk of sensitive information leaving from the company.

Outsourcing ID card printing

  • No initial investment on Machine.
  • No maintenance.
  • No additional load for your staff to operate the machine.
  • Design, Delivery and production are done by your ID Cards Provider.

When you buy an ID card printer, you are looking at a very low cost-per-card – between 20 and 50 pesos. If you print hundreds of cards, you will definitely break even very quickly and cover the cost of your printer in no time.

However, the final decision is down to you and if you’d like to chat with one of the Identification team about our ID card printer range, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

  • Jahaziel Romero
What is Holokote®?

What is Holokote®?

What is Holokote®?

In Magicard ID card printer, you may have noticed the word HoloKote®.

HoloKote® is a patented product of Magicard. It is a secure watermark that is printed on to the card surface during the normal print cycle using standard consumables (ribbons and cards). This helps add a layer of visible security to your cards at no extra cost and is only visible when tilted towards a light. The designs can be repeated on the card in a grid fashion, or a single design can cover the entire card’s surface.

How it works?

HoloKote® works by printing a transparent holographic watermark onto the surface of the card during the normal print cycle. Its frosted appearance allows other elements of its design such as data, logos and photos are still 100% visible.

Color cards are printed using a thermal transfer YMCKO dye film. After the color image has been printed onto the card, the clear Overlay panel is applied to protect the image from fading or scratching.


  1. Standard HoloKote® - With all Magicard direct-to-card printers, you can select from four standard secure HoloKote® designs using the printer driver.
  2. Custom HoloKote® / Custom HoloKote® Flex – With selected Magicard direct-to-card printers, you can personalize HoloKote watermark into the standard print process. This watermark could be an organization’s logo, or some other unique security design.

Learn more about the features that Magicard printers offer or call to talk to our ID Expertise! Give us a call today!

  • Jahaziel Romero