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Edge-to-Edge Printing vs. Over-the-Edge Printing

Edge-to-Edge Printing vs. Over-the-Edge Printing

What is edge-to-edge printing? 

  • Edge-to-edge printing is a common print style with direct-to-card ID card printers.
  • It leaves a slim border around the surface of your printed ID card. 
  • The border isn't printed; rather it's a small area of the card to which no print was applied. 
  • It is generally more affordable. 
  • Cards with a white border tend to look a little less professional than their border-free counterparts. 



What is over-the-edge printing? 

  • This print method is available on reverse-transfer printers, also known as retransfer printers. 
  • It leaves no visible border around the edges of your printed ID card. 
  • The film fuses to the entire surface of the card, leaving no border.
  • It is a more expensive option, but it produces a higher-quality, more professional ID card. 

Now that you know the difference between edge-to-edge printing and over-the-edge printing, it's time to get yourself a new machine! 

Guide to start an ID printing business.

Guide to start an ID printing business.

There are different factors you need to consider before investing into a business. In ID printing business, you have to invest on time, knowledge and creativity.  

Starting an ID printing business is a good business venture that can make big profits for anyone desiring to start a business. ID badges and passes are important for school, corporate office, government and event use. Look for clients who regularly need corporate IDs, school IDs, VIP or discount cards, loyalty cards, contact cards and labels. 

Machines and consumables are everywhere, you just need to differentiate those of better quality that can help you run your business for long term.  

Choose a supplier that provide whole solution packages, one that is able to provide consistent quality at various quantities.  

If you are looking for trusted ID printing supplier that can give excellent services and high quality of machines and consumable, you're in the right spot.  

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Getting involved in this industry, you need to recognized exactly what type of machine you will need to buy. Once you have the appropriate type of machine on hand, you can start printing and bringing in revenue for your business. 

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