Quick Facts About Retransfer Printer

Quick Facts About Retransfer Printer

Retransfer Printers

Also called a “reverse transfer,” “over-the-edge,” or “high-definition” printer, retransfer ID card printers are a relatively new technology. This style of printer uses ink ribbon and film to print onto cards.

  • Slower Printing Speeds 
  • Superior Image quality with full “over the edge” printing 

If you need a crisp, clear image with vibrant colors, retransfer technology offers the superior image quality in the  card printer industry. It allows the image to be applied to the entire surface of the card making it look very  professional. 

  • Recommended cards for this printer are “composite cards” due to higher heat used in print process 

Retransfer printers allow more flexibility to print on a wider variety of cards. This includes pre-punched cards, key tag cards, contact smart cards, or any type of technology card that has an antenna or circuit embedded in the card.

  • Constantly Evolving 

It is pigment-based inks which enabling high-resolution printing and also allowing micro-text printing, which  adds extra security. Pigment ink technology also resists fading and leeching in plastic badge holders and it  is 600 DPI print resolution – tighter print resolution and fine line detail. 

Since there are many different selections for retransfer printers, it is always a best idea to speak with ID experts to help guarantee that you choose the machine that ultimately fits your card printing requirements. 

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