Get Back to School and Work Safely

Get Back to School and Work Safely

With Covid-19 lockdown measures easing in many parts of the world, you may now also need to support the safe return to workplaces and school. Management needs to implement new processes and technologies to help keep students, teachers, employees and visitors safe.

The touchless plus temperature detection system would be obviously an integral part of requirements in providing immediate, visual scanning solutions.

FaceDeep 5 and FaceDeep 5 IRT would offer you a good choice. Best In Class of AI Based Smart Face Recognition Terminal with Infrared Thermal Temperature Detection.

  • Check temperature and mask accurately Accuracy ±0.3 °C (0.54 °F)
  • Widely adaptable to Various Conditions With the verification of over one million faces around the world, FaceDeep has become one of the most accurate face recognition terminals suitable for various environment and conditions.
  • Access Management By using an individual’s face as an access control credential, facial recognition eliminates the need and expense of physical cards or enter PIN codes. FaceDeep5 is the touchless, and prioritized the implementation of advanced biometric technology.
  • Time Attendance with Healthcare As a workforce management tool, FaceDeep 5 IRT helps keep employees  healthy when they go to work with temperature screening , providing detailed historical records of the entire employee activity, entrance control and mask detection.
  • Visitor Management FaceDeep 5 IRT rapidly scan visitors with elevated body temperature and customizes alerts and a variety of reporting for high-temperature notifications and no-mask wearing.
  • Best-in-Class ErgonomicsThe ergonomics design ensures an easy installation and can adopt different heights of people.


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